Recording is well underway...

Evening, folks! Back again with a quick post for ye.

Recording has been progressing nicely, and I'm so excited to start getting content ready for you to hear. Our cast has been working hard in rehearsal, and we'll have lots to share soon. You can also expect some news on some original music for the podcast!

I've just finished polishing a scene that has existed in my head since the project's early days, and I can't wait to share what we're working on!

This week, I'm sharing with you a podcast I'm a massive fan of; The Bright Sessions, written and directed by Lauren Shippen and produced by Mischa Stanton. The Bright Sessions follows a diverse cast of people with strange abilities, dubbed "Atypicals", through the lens of psychologist Dr. Bright, a brilliant but emotionally distant woman driven to help them understand their gifts, while struggling with demons of her own. A compelling science-fiction drama with in depth storytelling, it's one of my favourites!

Keep an eye on the site in the next few days, we'll have some news to share VERY SOON!